PAOLA HALILI – dentist in Philipines

Paola Halili, a dentist practicing in Abu Dhabi as Dr. Calin’s assistant for more than two years, decided to improve her smile before her wedding. Watch the entire process explained by Paola and discover the amazing transformation using minimally invasive ceramic veneers.

EMAN AL ZUMRA – dentist in Bahrain

Dr. Eman Al Zumra, a dentist herself came all the way from Bahrain to UAE to change all her old composite fillings. She trusted Dr. Calin’s expertise after attending one of his dental restorative courses.

TOMMASO CIANCO – Entrepreneur

With his lovely Italian spirit, our patient Tommaso Cianco, shares his satisfaction about his dental experience. Dr. Calin has a loyal clientele, by establishing a trusting relationship with his patients.

CHIARA GLORIOSO – Radio Presenter

Chiara finally overcame her fear of going to the dentist after meeting Dr. Calin Pop. That helped solve her dental issues and prevent problems from getting more complex and problematic to treat.