FIXLITE VIDEO – is a chairside compact DENTAL VIDEOGRAPHY light modifying solution, ideal for small dental offices.

  • It consists of two medium size softboxes with speed rings and customized light holders for Godox ML 60 video lights.
  • Easy to move and position in the dental office – the small size allows you to conveniently store them in the same room.
  • Ideal for capturing portrait videos (testimonial videos) or even close up videos with dental procedures.

How are Fixlite Video softboxes different than other similar softboxes on the market?

  • Most standard softboxes are primarily used for diffusing light on the face (skin).
  • Fixlite Video softboxes are specifically tailored for dental photography or filming, prioritizing the appearance of teeth. As a result, the white diffusers have a less dense structure.
  • The intentional use of less dense material prevents exaggerated diffusion, that can make teeth look fake (like plastic) such as when photographed or filmed with big softboxes featuring dense diffusion surfaces.
  • Most  video softboxes have an octagonal shape and they are big in size. All Fixlite softboxes are intentionally designed to be rectangular (not even square) because our main focus is on photographing or filming teeth.
  • Our goal is to capture those discrete light reflections only on the transition lines of the anterior teeth.


  • Godox ML60 video lights are not included – you can find them on Amazon or other websites.
  • Also tripod stands are not included – you can find them on Amazon or other websites.

175 $