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Many colleagues don’t have enough space in the dental office or a dedicated room for portrait photography.

Fixlite-Portrait is a chair-side portrait photography solution ideal for small dental offices, consisting of two medium size soft-boxes calibrated for a perfect capture of the face. The results are similar to headshots taken with expensive big studio setups.

Fixlite-Portrait is the only portrait solution worldwide that is using macro flashes: Nikon R1C1 (SBR 200), Meike Mk-Mt24, Godox MF12, Nissin I40, Canon 270EX, Canon EL100. Soon compatible also with Canon MT24EX and Yongnuo 24Ex by using speedlites.

So you don’t need a dedicated room for portrait photography because Fixlite-Portrait has a small footprint of only 1.2 m2 when used and because of that it is patients friendly - as we know that sometimes patients are intimidated by large gear. When you don’t use the setup, you can easily store it in one corner of the dental office.

Enjoy the video to see the Fixlite-Portrait in action for perfect headshots and some artistic photos as well.

Click the shutter & let me see your great photos soon!

(*As mentioned in the past, FIXLITE-DUO is also a convenient solution for portrait photography. However, DUO setup makes sense when there is a need for two Fixlites to be used by more dentists in a big clinic.)

Come and join me in a one-day intensive Dental Photography Hands-On Course on Saturday, 18th of March.

Every participant will practice in detail all the steps and protocols in dental photography: 

intra-oral shots
close up photos
artistic photography
shade matching
portrait protocol
smile design
lab photography
Keynote editing
social media content creation tips and tricks.

All participants will receive free access to my Dental Photography Online Course.

Let me see your great photos soon! 📸

Location 📍Denstply Sirona Academy, Bay Gate Tower 21st Floor, Business Bay Dubai.

Please DM me for more info & registration.

In this case, because the patient is also a dentist, it was fun to show the entire procedure filmed on a screen mounted on the ceiling, so she can see all the steps of the treatment in detail. Enjoy the video and hope you will find some useful tips !

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A funny thing that happened at the @la_dentalsymposium (which took place in November last year)…When I texted Dr. Abdi Sameni @insta_abdis , two days before the event that I would need a dental chair on the stage for a live demo, I thought he would tell me that I am crazy and it couldn’t be done. But I realized I was messing with the “right” guy 😀
Nevertheless, the chair was arranged and I used it, together with a full torso mannequin which I stashed in my luggage from Dubai to LA, so I can do the presentation as I planned (you can picture the faces of the customs guys when they scanned my bag 🧐).

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that the next LA Symposium event was announced for November 10-11, 2023. Please save the date!
It’s an exceptional event, that gathers fantastic people in dental field (and not only).
Special thanks to Abdi @insta_abdis who’s doing an absolutely great job organizing it (and supporting crazy ideas :)).

One of my favorite cases… Back in 2018.

Two monolithic Empress Multi veneers to restore a broken smile. Same addiction to absolute isolation years ago.

As a small change in protocol - nowadays I would use cut B5 clamps instead of B4. If you notice, I used to attach a micro brush stick and liquid rubber dam to stabilize the clamps and avoid accidental slipping from the prepped margins. The modified (cut) B5 is much more stable than the B4 clamp and also, because of the long bow, there is more space around the exposed teeth.

I am going to add the entire video played at normal speed and with voice narration of all the steps and all the tips & tricks in a new bonus in The Rubber Dam Master Online Course.

See you online!

Cad Cam @jamalghafari_ddts
Artistically stained by @salahbagdady

This was a few days ago….Grateful to be part of the 1st Dentsply Sirona World Dubai!

An amazing event aiming to present innovative digital solutions to the dental community and to offer the participants an Ultimate Experience in Digital Dentistry.

I was honored to present next to international expert speakers - an unforgettable experience that I hope will be repeated soon.

Special thanks to Dr. AbdelAziz Yehia @abdelazizyehia & congratulations to the entire Dentsply Sirona Team! You make a difference!

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